November 8, 2022  •  Elect

Patricio humbly asks for your support, your vote on or by November 8th.

    Additional Priorities

  • Advocate at the state, local and national level for partnerships with colleges, universities and HBCUs’ to recruit a diverse pool of teachers.

  • Support at-home computer and internet access for all students to improve educational access and to allow remote learning when required by public health concerns.

  • Support and fully fund ethnic studies with a curriculum that requires students to critically analyze the impact of all forms of discrimination against vulnerable communities, indigenous communities, and communities of color, while also analyzing social movements to challenge racism, sexism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, and all other forms of oppression.

  • Support implementation of the Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful (FAIR) Education Act in public education and advocate for adequate funding to train teachers and develop curriculum that incorporates the history and contributions of LGBTQ people.


  • Prioritizing the needs of students and families
  • Recruiting, retaining & developing high quality teachers
  • Developing leaders and change school culture
  • Strong oversight of the district budget
  • ​Encourage more parent and student involvement

     Patricio also supports:

  • The moratorium on charter schools in WCCUSD.

  • The intent of AB 1505 to hold charter schools accountable for student performance and fiscal health.

As a Trustee, Patricio would tirelessly work on:

​Prioritize the needs of students, families and staff 
The school board’s priority should be supporting the educational outcomes for all students, especially for historically low-performing demographic subgroups and socioeconomically disadvantaged students. In talking with parents, community members and community groups, Patricio hears the frustration about the district’s priorities. His guiding principle as a board trustee would be to look at decisions through the lens of students, staff and family needs. 

Raise academic outcomes for all students
Implement evidence-based support for students, teachers and principals, especially in schools with predominantly low income and minority students. The district data shows many troubling issues:
   • High suspension rates for African-American and Latino students
   • Not enough High School graduates meeting college requirements
   • Only 30% of 3rd graders reading on grade level

This has to change because in 3rd grade there is a transition from learning to read to reading to learn. All subjects become harder if students are not reading on grade level.

• Support educational equity to raise students to the same level of education, setting high standards for all students.

Increase School Safety
Develop policy and plans to prevent gun violence and increase mental health services. Oppose any plans to arm teachers. 

Being vigilant in the oversight of the district budget 
Patricio has been directly responsible for large teams and budgets in the private education sector. He understands the structure of an organization’s budget and the decisions that need to be made and their implications. His experience will provide oversight and the use of best practices on reporting and transparency.

Bring community voice and partnerships to board meetings
• Support community involvement by allowing public comment on all agenda items. Many community members are frustrated by the board dynamics, especially with the lack of participation and transparency throughout the meetings. Some describe the board as dysfunctional and there is a district report that points to this.
• Meet with communities, parent groups and youth groups within trustee area 5 and the whole district for input and reflections in order to build a unified district.
Patricio has the support, leadership and demeanor to change this. 

West Contra Costa School Board, Area 5

Supporting Education by Prioritizing Students & Teachers

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