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Patricio Dujan is an education leader and former teacher running for the West Contra Costa Unified School District (WCCUSD) Board of Education. As a father with two children in WCCUSD public schools and a Latino immigrant, Patricio understands how critical a strong public school system is for all students and families. He taught in Newark Public Schools and is currently an education executive with over 20 years experience supporting teachers and students who faced tremendous challenges at school and at home.

Patricio came to the United States in the first grade knowing no English. His family left Argentina due to the military dictatorship in the 1970s. His parents gave up their careers as a teacher and school principal to start anew so that their children could have a brighter future. The family settled in the Los Angeles area where Patricio and his two siblings attended public schools. Thanks to the support at home and by amazing California public school teachers, Patricio, along with his sister and brother, achieved the family’s American dream – attending UC Berkeley, earning graduate degrees, and having successful careers.

Patricio then dedicated his career to education. He taught Middle School and Elementary School in an urban district with high poverty. Many of his students faced the challenges and trauma that too many of our West Contra Costa students face. Patricio understand what students, families and teachers face everyday. 

After attending UC Berkeley, jobs and graduate school took Patricio to the East Coast and to various parts of California. In 2011 Patricio and his wife Gabrielle chose to settle in El Cerrito to raise their two daughters. They always knew that they wanted to come back to the area. Patricio is involved in the community through youth soccer, the local Parent Teachers Associations and volunteering at school events. 

November 8, 2022  •  Elect

Patricio has devoted his career to education by first teaching in urban, high poverty schools and then by working with educators to improve student learning. He works with school Superintendents and education leaders across the country to implement best practices and improve district outcomes. He has focused on developing teachers and helping students overcome tremendous challenges at school and at home – much like the challenges that we face at WCCUSD.

Patricio humbly asks for your support, your vote on or by November 8th.

West Contra Costa School Board, Area 5

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