November 8, 2022  •  Elect

    To improve student outcomes I will:

  • ​Promote strong fundamental skills in reading, math and science
  • Invest to attract and retain the best teachers
  • ​Expand technical education and career paths
  • ​Provide fiscal accountability
  • ​Invest more in the classroom
  • ​Encourage more parent and student involvement

Patricio has two daughters attending WCCUSD public schools and understands how important a quality education is to families.

Why I am running
I am running for WCCUSD school board because I believe that every child deserves a high quality education and the opportunity to be successful in school and life. The future on our community, and our country, depends on having successful students and a thriving school district.  

I have devoted my career to education by first teaching in urban, high poverty schools and then by working with Superintendents and education leaders across the country to improve student learning and improve district outcomes. 

Here in WCCUSD, however, too many students are not succeeding. The majority of students are not meeting grade level standards in English Language Arts or in Mathematics.

​The district data shows some disturbing numbers:
90% of African-American students are not proficient in math.
70% of third graders read below grade level.
60% of graduates are not college and career ready.
70% of English Language Learners are not reclassified by sixth grade.

Despite these challenges, I know that we can improve our schools for students and families. I strongly believe that our community deserves better results. I have the experience and expertise in working with districts with similar challenges.

I will be a bridge builder between the district staff and the board. I stand for a thriving school district and financial oversight. 

I respectfully ask for your vote on or by Nov. 8th. 

                                                                        — Patricio Dujan ​

West Contra Costa School Board, Area 5

Supporting Education by Prioritizing Students & Teachers

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​​​​​​​​​Patricio Dujan

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